Shari’a Law in North America

The row concerning Shari’a [Shariah] creeping into North America has filled the blogosphere.  According to NPR by the summer of 2010, anti-Shari’a laws were being introduced in several state legislatures. Louisiana, Arizona and Tennessee have all passed versions of a bill restricting judges from Continue Reading

The American Mosque 2011

The US Mosque Survey 2011 is a comprehensive study of mosques in America. The Survey consisted of (1) a count of all mosques in America and then (2) a telephone interview with a mosque leader (Imam, President or board member) from a large sample of mosques. The mosque count was conducted from Continue Reading

An Open Door that None Can Shut

Revelation 3:7-13 The message to the church in Philadelphia is set in the context of a message from Christ to seven churches (Revelation 2-3). Yet it is only the church in Philadelphia for whom Christ is opening a door. I take it that this door is open so the Philadelphia church can be Continue Reading